Earth Day Italia, the Italian partner of the international organisation Earth Day Network, is opening 2013 with a new mission for a wider commitment to the environment. The idea is to promote dialogue and cooperation among the many players and projects concerned about safeguarding the planet, through a “permanent platform for the environment” offering year-round events and meetings on specific issues, communication tools, awareness- and fund-raising campaigns for concrete green activities.

This the first step for the construction of a broader portal on sustainability, which will host national and international initiatives organised by players, large and small, committed to the protection of the environment and contributions by experts from around the world. The platform of environmental information will be an evolving container of news on energy, the climate and the territory, as well as food, political and economic solutions, waste management and so on.

Among the many numerous initiatives already planned, the association is preparing for the 43rd World Earth Day on 22 April, an annual event instituted in 1970 by the United Nations which involves more than 20,000 organisations from all over the world and raises awareness among one billion of the Earth’s inhabitants through its activities. This year, as well as a concert at km zero in live streaming and deferred TV broadcasting, an important role will be played by the web, with a marathon involving international artistes and celebrities in live appearances and filmed contributions, who will narrate World Earth Day from across the planet.

The countdown is 34 days and 11 hours. As we wait, let’s remember that “Everyday is Earth day”.