“Who wouldn’t want to see personalities like Giotto, Dante Alighieri, Leonardo da Vinci, Giuseppe Verdi or Federico Fellini in the election campaign? How many people view culture as a fundamental resource for our country and want it to have the place it deserves?”

Two provocative questions from the FAI Fondo Ambiente Italiano, the Italian foundation for the environment active since 1975 in protecting and enhancing Italy’s art, nature and environment. From 7 to 28 January 2013, visitors to the Culture Primaries site can vote for up to three of the 15 issues proposed in a list characteristic of the activities of the FAI: culture, landscapes, environment. Once the survey closes, the five issues that receive the largest number of votes will be presented to the parties and candidates at the forthcoming political elections, to enable them to turn the ideas into reality.

The site provides voters with 15 issues, ranging from allocation of a minimum share of public funds to culture, tourism development policies, a review of the regulations on land use, measures to defend historic city centres, an increase in the number of history of art lessons in schools.

The early results of the FAI primaries show that 17{f94e4705dd4b92c5eea9efac2f517841c0e94ef186bd3a34efec40b3a1787622} of voters consider an increase in the public funds allocated to Italy’s historic and artistic heritage and cultural activities a priority, while a key role is also attributed to the environment: the most urgent actions include the need for measures against indiscriminate use of land (14{f94e4705dd4b92c5eea9efac2f517841c0e94ef186bd3a34efec40b3a1787622}) and to improve hydrogeological safety (9{f94e4705dd4b92c5eea9efac2f517841c0e94ef186bd3a34efec40b3a1787622}), to safeguard and promote local products (8{f94e4705dd4b92c5eea9efac2f517841c0e94ef186bd3a34efec40b3a1787622}) and integrated policies for tourism (6{f94e4705dd4b92c5eea9efac2f517841c0e94ef186bd3a34efec40b3a1787622}).