Alessandria and Asti milk board, a joint stock company that reported net revenues of more than 30 million euro in its latest financial year. The company implements a short, sustainable fresh milk supply chain (12 farms in a 25 km radius of Alessandria) and offers an increasingly rich selection of food products (more than 400). Assisted by Amapola, the milk board recently renewed its brand identity and is now taking on new challenges, primarily ExpoMilano. The board’s fresh milk and other products are in the spotlight at the 2015 Universal Exhibition in Milan through its participation in Identità Expo, a temporary restaurant where leading chefs from all over the world are presenting their creations. Thanks to an important partnership for the entire duration of Expo, the Alessandria milk board will supply the restaurant with milk, cream and butter, for a unique opportunity to showcase its products on an international stage. Amapola is also supporting the milk board in another important initiative for the group: the launch of the new Latte‘MU’ milk brand on the market in the city and province of Savona, where the milk board occupies a leadership position. The board’s solid relationship with Liguria dates back to 2011, when the Alessandria and Asti company took over management of the Savona milk board brand and presented an acquisition offer. The transaction took place on 1 July. centrale_CF_18_07_14_B (1)Latte MU milk now has a new brand identity, as in Alessandria, Asti and Pavia. With the art direction of Tomaso Serloreti, Amapola coordinated the logo, brand and packaging design project, to tell consumers what “lies behind” a bottle of milk. Amapola’s cooperation with the Alessandria and Asti milk board reflects the values and best practices that underpin Amapola operations: talking sustainability means attributing value to economic, social and environmental responsibility, and interacting with stakeholders to listen to, understand and satisfy their needs, while making them aware of the importance of building a partnership based on trust.]]>