The EU constantly emphasises the need for an industrial policy that helps business, especially small firms, to cope with globalisation, the economic crisis and  the transition to a low-carbon economy. But how can this be done? Can the Green Economy really be an effective driver for the Italian economy?

The event organised by Il Corriere della Sera, in cooperation with the National Packaging Consortium (Conai), on Wednesday 16 January (6 p.m., at the Buzzati Room in Via Balzan 3, Milan), is a chance to discuss the opportunities and challenges of sustainable growth in Italy.

The round table, moderated by Massimo Fracaro, chief editor of Corriere Economia, will hear the views of representatives from the academic community, industry and the environmentalist sector, including Walter Facciotto, general manager of Conai, Massimo Beccarello, professor of industrial economy at Milan Bicocca University and head of energy and environment at Confindustria, Francesco Bertolini, lecturer at the Bocconi Business School and chair of the Green Management Institute, Marco Roveda, chair and founder of LifeGate, and Vincenzo Tassinari, chair of the Coop Italia management committee.

A limited number of places are available; for bookings and information call 02-62828120 or write to