Greenpeace campaign to boycott Italian politicians who are deaf to the requests of environmentalists continues. In the run-up to the elections to be held on 24 February, the Environmentalist Association has launched an online petition signed so far by more than 45,000 Italian voters, who say they will not vote for politicians who do not undertake to combat use of fossil fuels in energy production and support the growth of renewable sources. “Environmental issues are missing from the election agendas of Bersani, Monti and Berlusconi. The distance separating the parties and their leaders from voters is also reflected in this type of attitude,” comments Andrea Boraschi, head of the Greenpeace Energy & Climate campaign, adding that “the energy question is vital and strategic for any serious country and the climate is the main emergency for the planet. The candidates are not responding to us or to the thousands of citizens calling for a response. Yet these are questions on important issues: do they want to gradually eliminate the use of coal, stop oil drilling in our seas, and take serious action to promote renewable sources, or not?”. Greenpeace and the voters who have signed the petition see at least three emergencies on which the parties and their leaders should take a position: drilling for oil in the Mediterranean, emissions from the coal-based power stations in Italy and renewable sources.]]>