Following the latest round of discussions on the revisions at the beginning of February, the International Standards Organisation (ISO) has launched a global survey of environment management professionals outlining key areas that could be addressed in the new editions of 14001 and 14004.

The groups working to update the standards have identified a series of “future challenges” for environment management on issues relating to sustainable development, corporate responsibility, communication with stakeholders and broader business management. ISO is now looking for feedback from users on whether the standards should address topics like accountability to stakeholders for environmental performance, life-cycle approaches in products and services, influence on value chains and pollution prevention.

The survey, which closes on 30 April, asks to what extent the standards should focus on resource efficiency, the “polluter pays” principle and the “precautionary approach”. It also wants stakeholders’ views on whether the environment should be considered more strategically in business activities, including in product design, marketing and procurement. Users are also asked specifically for feedback on annex A of 14001 and the guidance on implementing environment management systems included in 14004.

ISO asks how often these elements are being used in practice and for suggestions on how they could be improved.

Source: The Environmentalist