Museum of Modern Showlighting. Installed at the company’s headquarters in Seriate near Bergamo, the MoMS is the first museum in Europe dedicated to light as a medium that creates emotions rather than as a purely functional physical instrument. The project for the design and installation of the Museum was handled by Amapola. The opening was attended by the project team and by local dignitaries, including the Mayor of Seriate, Cristian Vezzoli, and the Mayor of Bergamo, Giorgio Gori. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to illustrate the emotional and cultural value of light to industry professionals and the general public,” said Clay Paky CEO Pio Nahum. “But for us light also means research and innovation: this is why we also want to emphasise its importance for employment. At a time of economic crisis, showlighting offers an abundance of professional opportunities with a high technology content.” Visitors to the MoMS are invited to discover the technological tools lighting designers use to create light effects”, along an informative, interactive and multimedia route where light is the protagonist, engaging visitors with impressive staging effects delivering a powerful emotional impact. The museum covers all the sectors where showlighting plays an essential role: concerts, theatre musicals, TV shows, discotheques, amusement parks, exhibitions, openings, urban installations. In these settings, light is used to create emotions, thanks to its ability to emphasise the scenic power of music, the personality of performers, the meaning of texts, the plasticity of set designs and the confines of form. The chronological development of lighting technology is examined in its social and cultural context. The museum route begins with a brief historic excursus on stage lighting before turning to the 1970s and the first memorable lighting effects, created for musicals such as Saturday Night Fever”. It traces subsequent developments through to contemporary systems and the complex motorised projectors available on the market today. The MoMS opening also presented the museum’s cultural mission. A project begun by Clay Paky founder Pasquale Quadri (1947-2014), the museum will have an historic archive and a website, and will operate as a location for conferences, seminars, training courses and events for showlighting professionals, high-school and university students and devotees of a fast-changing industry combining music, emotions and fashion with cutting-edge technology. [gdl_gallery title=”Moms” width=”90″ height=”60″ ]]]>