After the Ecomondo journalism and environmental roundtable, a new event is due to open on environmental communication: this is “Per meglio dire ambiente” – saying environment better – a cycle of meetings organised by Giornalisti nell’Erba, the environmental awareness-raising and communication project for young environmental journalists aged between 5 and 29, which, for two days in December and January, will occupy Spazio Europa, the Italian offices of the European Commission (Via IV Novembre 149 – Rome).

In #Nonsolochat, the first discussion panel to be held on 14 December, young and very young reporters will meet “senior” experts and editors of trade publications to examine how the world of communication has changed and is changing, and what the future holds for environmental journalism, in terms of the web, citizen journalism, blogs and social networks. Download the program here.

The second date is 18 January, when expert ecologists, science journalists and editors of environmental publications will identify and discuss ways towards a possible sustainable future, with a discussion of Degrowth vs Sustainable Growth. Download the program here.

The presentation of the two events, on Thursday 6 December at 11.30 a.m. in Rome, will also see the presentation of MENOPERMENOFAPIU’, the seventh edition of the Giornalisti Nell’Erba national environmental journalism award for children and young people.