City councillors, managers, editors of specialist environmental magazines and journalists are just some of the many signatories of the petition to put Italy “on track” for a “legislature that finally will care for the environment”.

After an election campaign in which the environment was largely ignored (an issue covered in this column) and the launch in February of the Ecotelegram (download the pdf) asking the leaders of the parties campaigning for votes to make a clear commitment to begin combating waste in the environment, territory and energy in the first year of government, a petition has now been organised for people involved in the environment and natural resources, production and consumption of good-quality food, renewable energy and sustainability, cultural assets, territorial identity and tourism, legality and justice, the fight against waste, as well as individual businesses and private individual active in defending health and the territory.

Among the commitments to be undertaken in the first year of government, the petition asks for more effective controls and appropriate penal protection of the environment, a move towards sustainable transport and a focus on economic and territorial management decisions compatible with conservation of natural biodiversity.

For more information and to sign the petition, click here.