For companies, process sustainability has now become a key element in reputation. And inclusion in the international indices measuring performance in this field is a critical factor: one such index is the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, an annual ranking of companies in terms not just of economic results, but above all of social and environmental results.

This year 13 Italian companies are ranked, including four major players in the Italian economy and energy market. For Enel this is the ninth mention, and the sixth for Eni, which this year has also achieved a place in the Carbon Performance Leadership Index 2012. The Snam stock has been confirmed for the fourth consecutive year, and Terna for the third consecutive year.

But Italy is not just a country of large corporations: its small and medium businesses drive the largest share of the national economy and need access to a series of tools enabling them to enhance their role in the community.

The cultural factor continues to be of critical importance, especially in the current economic crisis: and in response to the need to raise corporate awareness and support companies on a corporate social responsibility path, the Biella Chamber of Commerce and Biella Industrialists Union are organising a free CSR course, for all local businesses.

The training course consists of an initial phase of three sessions, on 3, 17 and 29 October 2012 when participants will be able to meet CSR specialists and learn how to embrace sustainability while avoiding the risk of greenwashing.

Sergio Vazzoler, senior partner at Amapola and FERPI delegate for environmental communication, will illustrate sustainability reporting (3 October), environmental sustainability (17 October) and customer and supplier relations (29 October).

The meetings will be held at the Biella Chamber of Commerce.