Eumetra/Lifegate survey leave no room for doubt. The green customer is aged between 18 and 34, is a high-school or university graduate, and, far from being alone, is part of an active, informed and influential community. According to the survey, more than 37 million Italians say they are attracted by sustainability. Rather than taking to the streets, the new environmentalist expresses his or her views with a credit card and is prepared to spend a higher average amount for certified organic eco-sustainable products. Especially for food. It turns out that the new Italian consumer… consumes less and recycles more. Upcycling and re-utilisation are accompanied by waste differentiation and recycling. Greater understanding of energy efficiency is spreading, together with awareness about consumption and carbon footprints. Sustainable Italians embrace the sharing philosophy, using private means of transport or workplaces with others, opening up their homes to tourists. At restaurants, they avoid waste by exercising their right to take their left-overs home and choosing tap water. This sustainable caring community drives an estimated 1.2% of national GDP. Source: Il Sole 24 Ore]]>