Appeal, networking ability and innovation: these are the three strengths of the Green Economy Network says Il Sole 24 Ore, which publishes a grid of 12 variables analysing the strong points and limits of Italy’s industry parks.

The Green Economy Network is an informal grouping of companies based in Lombardy, set up by Assolombarda in mid-2011 to improve information flows, foster cooperation, accelerate international growth and boost business opportunities. The Green Economy Network now involves around 400 SMEs, Italian groups and multinationals, for aggregate revenues of 50 billion euro and 25,000 employees in the Province of Milan alone, active in a variety of manufacturing industries and sectors, from water treatment to renewables, from energy efficiency to eco-compatible products. Today metalworking companies account for half of the network, while 26{f94e4705dd4b92c5eea9efac2f517841c0e94ef186bd3a34efec40b3a1787622} of the sample are innovative service providers. Ten specialisations feature in the network, with strong representation of companies active in renewable energy (43{f94e4705dd4b92c5eea9efac2f517841c0e94ef186bd3a34efec40b3a1787622}), water (38{f94e4705dd4b92c5eea9efac2f517841c0e94ef186bd3a34efec40b3a1787622}) and waste (33{f94e4705dd4b92c5eea9efac2f517841c0e94ef186bd3a34efec40b3a1787622}).

According to the report in Il Sole 24 Ore, the Green Economy Network is growing continually, thanks to innovative projects, the appeal of the green sector (also due to the growing sustainability requirements of the former emerging economies) and networking capability: 78{f94e4705dd4b92c5eea9efac2f517841c0e94ef186bd3a34efec40b3a1787622} of the firms in the network say they are ready to form alliances or groupings, with the percentage rising to 83{f94e4705dd4b92c5eea9efac2f517841c0e94ef186bd3a34efec40b3a1787622} for joint projects. The most popular form of cooperation is working groups, chosen by 77{f94e4705dd4b92c5eea9efac2f517841c0e94ef186bd3a34efec40b3a1787622} of the companies, followed by temporary company associations (66{f94e4705dd4b92c5eea9efac2f517841c0e94ef186bd3a34efec40b3a1787622}) and network contracts (43{f94e4705dd4b92c5eea9efac2f517841c0e94ef186bd3a34efec40b3a1787622}).