Since Al Gore presented the problem of global warning in his famous documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” and DiCaprio narrated the film “The 11th Hour“, it has been clear that the audiovisual channel could be effective in raising awareness about environmental issues.

So the second edition of the Think Forward Film Festival, dedicated to climate change and renewable energy, returns to Venice on Friday 30 November and Saturday 1 December.

Promoted by the International Centre for Climate Governance (Icgc), the festival uses film to inform and promote action, to examine the environment and climate change, waste and possible solutions for greenhouse gas and deforestation, as well energy efficiency and renewable energy, with surveys, animated films, documentaries and shorts.

The event reflects the significant growth in sensitivity to environmental issues and the fact that climate change is now a topic of current interest. People want to talk, debate, collect information and find effective solutions.

Among the many initiatives created for this purpose, the International Centre on Climate Governance will be launching the third round of “Best Climate Practices” in January, the interactive platform with a focus on current world best practice that can really make a difference.